Camionix Showcases At SantanderX + INC MTY Program In Mexico City

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of Camionix's participation in the prestigious Santander X México + IncMty 2023 program. This incredible opportunity allowed us, along with other Mexico-based startups, to showcase our vision and technology solutions on a national stage.

In Camionix we extend our appreciation to Banco Santander, Santander Universities, incMTY, and Foundry Team México for their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation through entrepreneurship by supporting the Mexican startup ecosystem with resources, alliances and providing the stage for founders to share and exchange insights of game-changing businesses reshaping their respective industries.

Santander X Accelerator

Key attendees: 

Institutions: Banco Santander | Santander Universidades | Santander X | IncMTY | Tecnologico De Monterrey |

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