Re Imagining How Goods Move Across Borders

Dynamism, responsiveness, and flexibility, it's Camionix approach to deliver superior performance and enhanced user experience for the growing needs of every business.

OUR company

The Digital Freight Forwarder For Cross-Border Logistics.

We are focused on serving in one of the largest trade zones world-wide. We connect shippers, carriers and 3rd parties in a single digitized channel, to allow shippers, importers & exporters manage foreign trade operations in one of the most dynamic ways available in the market.


largest trading zone in the world

North America is one of the major trading zones in the globe, and unlike the other trade-zones it's only comprehended by 3 countries.

614.5 Billion

of total goods traded

between U.S. Mexico in 2019, Making Mexico U.S.'s second largest trading partner.


It All Started With A Question.

While working in a logistics industry in Mexico, our founder saw how difficult it was for small and medium companies to perform cross-border trade operations and expand to the North-America market just by the way of how constrained were the systems and the processes involved, getting importers and exporters discouraged because their lack of expertise and infrastructure, forcing themselves to settle and continue selling products in their current market and sourcing from local large companies who would usually brought their products from a cheap labor country from overseas.

The reasons and the problems were many and the usual, and yet all of them falling under the same common denominator.

It was then when the founder decided to raise the big question; Camionix was born to fulfill it's mission of making our industry more simple, flexible and accessible for every business.


Founder & CEO
Carlos Ortiz

Carlos is an innovative entrepreneur and a thought leader in the fields of technology, logistics & supply chain management. He holds a bachelor's degree in business management with an emphasis in international trade and logistics.


Experience a smarter and more efficient way to move your shipments.

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Our Vision

"We believe in a world where every company has the possibility to grow and expand in foreign markets without a complex logistics infrastructure to make it happen. "

Our Values

First, Break All Boundaries

Our industry it's an extremely difficult environment, to deliver the best experience we go beyond the unreachable and we get it done in the fastest, most secure & compliant manner possible.

Win Together

Our winning mentality not only allow us to deliver a best-in-class solution to our customers, but also our philosophy is an extension for the success of our partners and our customers long term allies.

Always Keep Innovating

Supply chains are constantly evolving as we speak. Volatility and disruptions are at the forefront of every challenge in our industry. Our customers needs are the most important things to our business, therefore we always keep innovating no matter what.

Visualize what really happens at every point in your supply chain.